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Since 1831

Family business

The traditional history of the “Engel” inn dates back to the 16th century. It was mentioned in documents as early as 1519 as a “Tavernwirtschaft”. In 1831, Michael Martin Sr. rebuilt the inn in its present form in the Biedermeier style. For seven generations now, the Martin family and their staff have been looking after the physical well-being of their guests.

Tavern economy

What makes us special?

An innkeeper without tavern rights was merely a tavern keeper. The landlord of a tavern, on the other hand, had tavern rights. This was awarded by the sovereign and contained important privileges.

According to this, the landlord of a tavern not only had the public tavern or jug right, the inn and guest right, the brewing and distilling right as well as the right to supply and place draught and riding animals under his control, but he was also allowed to organize betrothal, wedding, christening and other festive banquets. Of course, beer, wine and brandy were also served in a tavern. Tavern rights also included “baking rights”, i.e. the right to bake bread.

A tavern economy also had a social obligation. It had to accommodate wandering journeymen in exchange for money or craftsmanship. In addition, legal transactions were “drunk” there and, in the case of deaths, the funeral feast was held and the probate negotiations were conducted. The tavern was therefore the communal center for worldly affairs of the inhabitants of the village.


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